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  About Us

Hiller's Cleaners owner George Vrahliotis knows the subtle details that collectively make customers look their best: a perfectly pressed pant leg, a rolled lapel that starts a half inch above the top button, the graceful flow of wrinkle-free silk. Dry cleaning has been part of George’s life since his childhood, when he would spend time in his father John’s dry cleaning shop in Brookline.

“Since age 17, if somebody asked me what I wanted to be, this was it,” he says. Over the years he developed a talent for stain removal; he once removed a red wine stain from an expensive white jacket, a feat that won him one of many devoted customers. At his own business, George has won many more followers who trust him with helping them look their best. “I am always getting new customers,” he says. “Even those who go away for a while usually come back. Customers tend to stay with us because they trust us.” Because it’s important to him to monitor every detail of the dry cleaning process personally, George has invested in the best dry cleaning equipment and does all of his work on the premises. A large-capacity dryer can handle the bulkiest comforters and quilts; large washers launder dozens of shirts at a time; specialized pressers and steamers tame the wrinkles on pants legs and jacket sleeves. Many cleaners merely collect the orders, then ship them out to sub-contractors who do the work.

Hillers Cleaners keeps everything in-house, except for leather and suede. This improves both quality and turnaround time, a key selling point for customers. “With some of these pick-up and delivery dry cleaning services, you don’t know who is handling your clothes,” he says. “The more times a garment is handled before the customer gets it, the greater chance that it can wrinkled or lost.” George’s team at Hillers Cleaners includes long-time employees who share his devotion to customer service. “We double- and triple-check all our orders before they are given back to the customer,” he said. “It’s important to us that things are done right.” And George is nearly always on the premises himself to trouble-shoot. Since opening Hillers Cleaners in 2001, George has added other services and improvements. He now has a full-time tailor to handle alterations, and also offers a drop-off service for shoe repairs. And he has upgraded the interior of Hiller Cleaners to make it the experience of visiting the dry cleaners more pleasant. George’s family includes his wife Karen and children Alexandra, Yanni and Demitri.